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Clark and Nathan Fake Swap Remixes

ClarkClark premieres two new remixes taken from his upcoming album – ‘Feast/Beast’. While Clark remixes Nathan Fake’s “Fentiger”, Nathan Fake remixes Clark’s “Growl’s Garden” both exclusive to the upcoming album.

The down tempo trip-hop mixes are fittingly accompanied with animations from Cyriak, who is known for his surreal music videos. Examples include Bloc Party’s video for “Ratchet” and Bonobo’s “Cirrus”. What initially starts as a still image of Clark – a YouTube packshot – grows with the song to become a visually surreal playground.

Nathan Fake – Fentiger (Clark Remix):

Nathan Fake – Fentiger (Clark Remix):

The forthcoming ‘Feast / Beast’ is double album collecting the best of Clark remixes either by Clark or for Clark. Eschewing the completist method, the record was approached by Clark as if it were a brand new album; though it compiles a decades worth of Clark’s work, it also debuts twelve new tracks.

The package includes remixes of Depeche Mode, Nathan Fake, Amon Tobin, Massive Attack and many more.

‘Feast / Beast’ is out Sept. 13th on Warp Records via Inertia

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