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Darkstar’s new EP

DarkstarDarkstar has announced a new three track EP on 12” vinyl with two remixes by Darkstar themselves as well as a reworking from German producer Motor City Drum Ensemble.

The first side features a remix by Darkstar of their track ‘Young Hearts’. The remodeled track is a vivid, trip-house experimentation, while the second remix is of Darkstar’s ‘Armonica’, which journeys with a mixture hypnotic bass and synth lines. Both tracks still capture the transcendent sound that Darkstar is known for producing.

The second side of this EP sees Motor City Drum Ensemble take on Dark Star’s ‘A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work’ in a somewhat darker tone. There’s a prominent use of fractured synth lines and a repetitive low pitched vocal sample.  The EP – set for release on October 4, is an extensions of the record ‘News from Nowhere’ and will be available through Warp Records.

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