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Dappled Cities’ Tenth Anniversary Album Is Out Now

In a time where ‘Finding Nemo’ was the most popular film of the day and everyone you knew was singing the chorus of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, five young lads fresh out of high school started a band. 2003 saw the release of a double A-side single under arguably the strangest band name, Dappled Cities Fly. Following a full decade of travelling the world and touring with some of the biggest names in contemporary music, the now named ‘Dappled Cities’ celebrate their tenth year together. Their latest album is an impressive collection reminiscent of the past, present and future. It not only includes new material but also a bunch of never-before-released rarities and outtakes, and as of today you can get your hands on it!

Watch the video clip for their latest single, “Many Roads” below:

Happy birthday, Dappled Cities.

Here’s to the next decade.


‘Many Roads’ is out today the 17th January 2014 on HUB The Label through Inertia. Buy the album here.

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