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The Men Are Back With Their Fourth Album In Four Years

The best way to describe The Men would definitely be ‘prolific’. The Brooklyn based punk rockers have created four albums in four years, each more different than the last. Add that to consistent touring you can see how they’re one of the hardest working bands around.

In the winter of 2012 they decided to take some time off touring to record some new material, ending up with over 40 demos. From that group not only did the come up with 2013′s ‘New Moon’, but also the basis of what was to be their latest record ‘Tomorrow’s Hits’.

Having built a career out of eschewing what’s going on in the music scene around them, their 2012 breakthrough was called ‘Open Your Heart’ a sentiment they took seriously, expanding their hardcore-leaning tendencies to include hints of shoegaze, grunge and country. Together with last year’s ‘New Moon’, ’Tomorrow’s Hits’ sees them travel even further down this path, developing into a composite of Young, Springsteen, Big Star and The Replacements—and one of the best pure rock bands anywhere.

You can watch the video for “Pearly Gates” below.

‘Tomorrow’s Hits’ is out this 7th March 2014 on Sacred Bones through Inertia

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