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Tycho Sophomore Album ‘Awake’ Is A Sonic Leap Forward

Scott Hansen aka Tycho is a man of many talents. He has forged a life known for being not only a great designer (under the moniker ISO50), but also a brilliant musician with a love of analog synths. With Tycho, as with everything Hansen does, the music is fully realised with a specific vision and sound. His latest effort, ‘Awake’ follows on from his praised 2011 debut ‘Drive’ continuing his style of ambient post-rock combining both retro and modern elements.

Sonically, the new album is a leap forward as Hansen has decided to focus solely on the music. With the added elements of touring mates Zac Brown and (bass/guitars) and Rory O’Connor (drums) giving their input during the recoding process in a Lake Tahoe cabin (during the winter), Hansen explained that, “After the [‘Dive’] tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven live show on the next album”.

You can listen to the first single “Montana” below. You can also download the album from iTunes here.

‘Awake’  is out now on Ghostly International through Inertia

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