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Step-Panther’s ‘Nowhere’: Strange But Very, Very Nice

Sometimes you get an itch, an itch that can only be scratched by some good old thrash-y unapologetic garage rock – the men who can give you that are Sydney trio Step-Panther. They’ve released their first single “Nowhere” from their new album Strange but Nice, which is out on HUB The Label via Inertia. If you’ve been to one of their awesome shows before, you’ll be familiar with Nowhere” because it’s a real doozy, and now it’s available digitally to soothe those of you having Game of Thrones withdrawals (lead singer Stephen Bourke admits it was partially inspired by the medieval fantasy epic). If you’ve not yet been lucky (or brave) enough to see them live, here’s your chance! They’re giving “Nowhere” an official debut with two shows, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, both with special guests.

Melbourne:  Sat 28th June @ The Workers Club, Fitzroy (w/ Warmth Crashes In + ESC)
Sydney:  Fri 4th July @ Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst (w/ Adults + Doom Mountain)

“Nowhere” is out 6th June on HUB The Label through Inertia