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Not A Dad But #1 Indeed

Huzzah! Tom Iansek (you may know him as #1 Dads) has released video clips for ‘Return To’ (ft. Tom Snowdon) and ‘So Soldier‘ (ft. Ainslie Wills) from his new album About Face. The videos embody the Melbourne indie vibe entirely with close-ups of soulful hand-wiggling, the occasional shot from behind a curtain, you know the drill. In all seriousness, the simplicity of the videos allow the evocative music to take the lead, as well as highlighting the full awesomeness of Tom Iansek and his guest vocalists.

Return To is shot in black and white, echoing the contrast between Iansek’s stoic stillness and Snowdon’s emotive movements. There’s also a delightfully Hitchcock-esque moment with the birds (watch it and you’ll know what we mean).  This song is thoroughly addictive, though, so be warned!

So Soldier is rather upbeat in comparison to the lingering soulfulness of Return To, which perhaps is why the clip is in filmed in color. Featuring Wills in the clip, it is again quite simple and very much allows the viewer to appreciate the song. All round, fantastic stuff. Get on it!

#1 Dad’s ‘About Face’ is out 8th August on Pieater through Inertia

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