Young Fathers Return With New Album
Scottish trio Young Fathers are already back and already better than ever. Yes, we're aware that their 2014 album 'Dead' won the Mercury Prize, but just wait until you treat your ears to new single 'Rain Or Shine'.
Sharon Van Etten Doesn’t Want To Let You Down
...but seriously she couldn't even if she tried. You'd think after making one of 2014's favourite albums 'Are We There', that when booked to play on Ellen DeGeneres Show the obvious choice would be to play a track of said album. Well Sharon Van Etten is different. Gloriously different.
Hey there, 2015. You’re looking real good.
2015 is shaping up to be a massive year in music, and here are four albums to prove it.
Drop Everything! You Need To Know About Kucka!
If you haven't already heard of the excellent KUCKA (pronounced Coo-ch-ka), let us tell you a bit more. The delightful chanteuse has released a new single, 'Divinity'. And may we just say WOW.
Georgia Fair Unleash New Tune With 44th Sunset
Georgia Fair have decided to bless the rest of us mere mortals with their fantastic new song 'Break'.
27 More Reasons To Love Passenger
Kindness Can DANCE
Kindness sure has proven to us that he can dance. How do I know? Because of his incredible new video.
We Love. You Love. Our Love For Caribou.
We Love. You Love. Our Love for Caribou… and his new video for 'Our Love'.
Exciting News For Julian Casablancas + The Voidz
As if we couldn't be more excited for the Julian Casablancas + The Voidz debut album ‘Tyranny’, the legends at Falls Festival have announced they’ll be playing on this year's lineup.
Stand Cold (But Not Alone) With M83
Jack Ladder: Master Of Crooning
Do you like very tall men crooning and Sharon Van Etten? Good, us too. Luckily we have Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders to provide all of these things in one easy-to-access new music video.
Aphex Twin’s ‘Syro’ Is Out Today
After a 13-year-long wait, the infamous electronic pioneer is back!