9 JANUARY 2013
  • 9:23am Beach House – “New Year”

    Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House have released a beautiful 27-minute short film titled ‘Forever Still’. The film features live performances of four songs from their current album ‘Bloom’. For ‘Forever Still’, Beach House members Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally spent a night traveling to various locations near Tornillo and El Paso in Teaxs, giving [...]

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4 OCTOBER 2012
13 JUNE 2012
16 MAY 2012
  • 12:16pm Listen: Beach House ‘Bloom’ Album Stream
    Beach House Bloom

    Dream pop band Beach House are back with “Bloom”, the fourth album from this Baltimore based duo. Since the release of 2010’s “Teen Dreams” anticipation has been building to hear the familiar dreaminess of billowing guitars and swirling keyboards.

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8 MARCH 2012
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