1 JULY 2010
  • 12:26pm News: Bret Easton Ellis Praises The National on Twitter
    Bret Easton Ellis

    Renowned author, Bret Easton Ellis has praised Brooklyn indie rockers The National, declaring their latest album a personal favourite. Ahead of his book tour of Australia this August, the iconic and often-controversial writer mused on Twitter that “‘High Violet’ by The National is the best record I’ve heard in a year. It’s the only thing I’ve listened to on the “Imperial Bedrooms” tour.”

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29 JUNE 2010
  • 3:28pm Photography: Soul Jazz chronicles Haitian Vodou, Sex, Death and Revolution

    Soul Jazz Records will release a stunning book this 9th July, chronicling photographic and oral histories of Haiti’s streets. ‘Kanaval: Vodou, Politics, and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti’ combines stunning photographs (by Leah Gordon) with unique oral histories, as well as cultural, historical and anthropological essays. Check out incredible photos from the book below

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3 JUNE 2010
27 MAY 2010
13 MAY 2010