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26 JANUARY 2011
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16 DECEMBER 2010
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20 OCTOBER 2010
19 AUGUST 2010
  • 2:32pm Giveaway: Win 10 CD Prize Pack on Facebook!
    Stage To Stereo

    Public service announcement: Inertia has gone crazy! In an act of stark-raving madness, we’ve decided to use Facebook to giveaway an incredible 10 CD prize pack every two weeks. You heard right, 10 CDs! To make things worse, it’s pretty much effortless to enter. You heard right, no effort! Pretty soon we’ll have to start televising ads with endless shouting, and adopt the kind of mascot that offends the disability lobby! Find out how to win here.

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17 AUGUST 2010
11 AUGUST 2010
  • 1:43pm MP3: Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds [Shoes Remix]“
    Darwin Deez

    The all-singing, all-dancing, Darwin Deez will be in Australia for Parklife in just over a month, and it’s about time you all started getting ready. Grab this all-new free mp3 of Darwin Deez’s “Up In The Clouds” as remixed by French duo, The Shoes. With it’s bare, disco undercurrent, and euphoric refrain, you’re pretty much guaranteed to dance until your shoes catch fire.

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4 AUGUST 2010
  • 5:10pm Video: Darwin Deez, Lord of the Dance
    Darwin Deez

    Indie-pop dynamo, Darwin Deez, will be heading to Australia this Sept/Oct for Parklife, and – from the fan-shot videos being posted across the web – it looks like Darwin and his band seem to have adopted the practice of holding dance-offs, and performing choreographed routines during their sets.

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