25 OCTOBER 2011
  • 5:59pm MP3: Atlas Sound – “Te Amo”
    Atlas Sound

    Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox, returns under his Atlas Sound moniker, with a dreamy assault in the form of new track, “Te Amo”. Hear it ahead of his new full-length this November

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  • 1:25pm MP3: Atlas Sound – “Terra Incognita”
    Atlas Sound

    Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox (aka. Atlas Sound), begins his new track inside an earthy microcosm of acoustic guitar and vocals, before expanding into a soundscape of astral proportions. This is how God felt on the seventh day.

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6 OCTOBER 2010
28 JULY 2010
  • 1:58pm MP3: Deerhunter – “Revival”

    Deerhunter’s new track “Revival” is light and jangly. Intricate, yet weightless. As frontman Bradford Cox sings – “freedom, silence, always” – there’s plenty of room to breathe, and take in the wonders. Heaven for our ears. Mercy on our lungs. You can tell this album’s gonna be something truly special.

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