2 JUNE 2010
17 MAY 2010
  • 12:04pm MP3: Flying Lotus – “Computer Face // Pure Being”
    Fling Lotus

    Flying Lotus is not just music. Flying Lotus is another dimension. His latest album, ‘Cosmogramma’, is like life inside a kaleidoscope – or a bong. It’s the secrets of Castle Grayskull. It’s Blue Note on mushrooms. For a taste, download this free mp3 of “Computer Face // Pure Being”.

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10 MAY 2010
  • 11:27am MP3: Lorn – “Cherry Moon”

    Lorn’s dark, seething, brand of electronica is the stuff that dreams/nightmares are made of. And that being said, it’s not surprising that Flying Lotus has chosen him to release Brainfeeder Records’ first ever full-length. Check out this free mp3 of Lorn’s lead single, “Cherry Moon”.

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29 APRIL 2010
21 MARCH 2010
  • 12:32am Album News: Flying Lotus Set To Drop ‘Cosmogramma’

    Following an acclaimed tour of Australia in 2009, L.A’s Flying Lotus will release his new album ‘Cosmogramma’ this 30th April on Warp (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Battles, Hudson Mohawke) through Inertia. Blending Californian hip-hop beats and bass-heavy dubstep with surrealist jazz and kaleidoscopic IDM, Flying Lotus is one of the most prodigious talents to emerge in electronic music this decade.

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