15 FEBRUARY 2012
  • 4:02pm Girls – “Honey Bunny”

    Last weekend San Franciscan hazy pop slackers Girls performed a cover of “I Will Always Love You” at Laneway Festival in Singapore. Unless you’ve spent the past week in total seclusion with no access to television, radio, print or the internet, you’ve probably heard that Whitney Houston passed away. What you might not have known [...]

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  • 12:33pm Video: Girls perform in-store live via webcast in Nashville

    Girls have performed “the very first national instore” by playing in Grimey’s in Nashville, Tennessee live via webcast – belting out five songs from their recent record ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’. Watch it here!

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  • 4:55pm News: Watch Girls perform on Jimmy Fallon
    Girls Band

    Girls BandCali sun-rockers ,Girls along with a three back-up singers, have performed hits from the recently released ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ record on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Watch “Honey Bunny” and “My Ma” here.

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9 AUGUST 2011
21 JULY 2011
  • 2:25pm MP3: Girls – “Vomit”

    Girls’ expansive new track, “Vomit”, melds church organs and gospel-infused choir vocals with a beatific, all-loving refrain. Like its putrid namesake, it’ll warm you from the inside out.

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8 JULY 2011
6 JULY 2011
15 DECEMBER 2010
25 OCTOBER 2010
  • 4:12pm MP3: Girls – “Heartbreaker”

    Heading to Australia in just over a month’s time, Girls present an all-new free track in the form of “Heartbreaker”. With its sweetheart lyrics, breezy spring melody and effortlessly elating harmonies, you’ll be crushing on these guys all over again!

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  • 11:10am MP3: Girls – “Life In San Francisco”

    If you’ve been living in a particularly unhip Amish community for the 12 months and somehow missed the Girls phenomenon, then here’s a quick recap. They’re two guys from San Francisco. They’re bestest buds. They write hazy, effortless, sunny slacker-pop. Also, they’re gonna be in Australia this December. To celebrate, download a free mp3 of “Life In San Francisco”!

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