22 FEBRUARY 2011
5 AUGUST 2010
  • 11:59am MP3: Jimmy Edgar – “Hot, Raw, Sex” + Machinedrum Remix
    Jimmy Edgar

    You’d sign up for a website called “Hot, Raw, Sex”. You’d sit through four hours of late-night, Eastern European cinema on SBS, if “Hot, Raw, Sex” were promised in the classification warning. So we know for damn sure you wanna download this new mp3 from Detroit’s own future-funk maestro, Jimmy Edgar.

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21 JUNE 2010
  • 1:50am MP3: Kode9 – “You Don’t Wash [Dub]“

    When the dubstep virus was still a specimen under a microscope in a government lab somewhere, Kode9 was chief scientist. And when the contagion was unleashed unto the world, it was his pioneering Hyperbub imprint that released the gas on the subway. Download the bombastic new track from his ‘DJ Kicks’ mix, as well as a remix by Martyn.

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3 JUNE 2010
  • 10:32am MP3: Juan MacLean / James Holden – ‘DJ Kicks’ Exclusives
    Juan MacLean / James Holden

    DFA’s Juan MacLean and the UK’s James Holden both recorded exclusive tracks for their recent entries into !K7′s ‘DJ Kicks’ series. Juan released the all-new and exclusive track, “Feel So Good”. Holden included his first solo single in four years, “Triangle Folds”. You can download both for free!

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1 JUNE 2010