18 DECEMBER 2013
4 AUGUST 2013
12 DECEMBER 2011
6 OCTOBER 2011
  • 12:24pm MP3: Big Troubles – “Sad Girl”

    New Jersey’s Big Troubles tell lo-fi stories in raw, unadulterated, chill-rock fashion. The single “Sad Girl” epitomises the hopelessness of love and girls in an almost ironic up-beat indie manor, with its catchy verses and sing-along chorus.

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  • 3:19pm MP3: Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes”
    Dum Dum Girls

    With its whirling riffs, steady drumming and resilient vocals, Dum Dum Girls’ new single “Bedroom Eyes” sets the mood for the band’s forthcoming LP at the end of the month. A fitting soundtrack for early spring!

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31 AUGUST 2011
18 AUGUST 2011
  • 2:58pm MP3: Step-Panther – “No Fun”

    Sydney’s Step-Panther have signed to Speak N Spell for an album out November. Brand new tune, “No Fun”, is actually more fun that an Easter Long Weekend’s worth of Cheetos, Super Street Fighter II and bucket bongs.

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  • 12:49pm MP3: Dirty Beaches – “Sweet 17″
    Dirty Beaches

    Many swear The King still walks among us and Dirty Beaches is sonic proof that Elvis lives. But he ain’t walkin’ nowhere. He’s crooning at us through six feet of All American dirt.

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21 JULY 2011
  • 2:25pm MP3: Girls – “Vomit”

    Girls’ expansive new track, “Vomit”, melds church organs and gospel-infused choir vocals with a beatific, all-loving refrain. Like its putrid namesake, it’ll warm you from the inside out.

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