17 NOVEMBER 2010
20 OCTOBER 2010
  • 9:37am MP3: Kyu – “Pixiphony”

    Do Sydney’s kyü sound more like the primitive past or the encroaching future? Are they ‘Quest For Fire’, or the dawning of the apocalypse? Or do they just represent this very moment in intricate, thought-provoking, experimental music? Listen to this raw, primal, free mp3 of “Pixiphony”.

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  • 1:38pm MP3: Surf City – “Crazy Rulers of The World”
    Surf City

    New Zealand’s premier purveyors of garage-pop, Surf City, are gonna be hitting Sydney and Melbourne this weekend. Celebrate the skuzzy, lo-fi bliss with this free mp3 of “Crazy Rulers Of The World”. This download is only available for one week, so get in fast!

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  • 2:54pm MP3: Abe Vigoda – “To Tears”
    Abe Vigoda

    Abe Vigoda’s new mp3 “To Tears” utilises darker post-punk elements: almost a complete departure from the glare and warmth of their debut. But it’s also a deeper, more compelling sound. With its spiralling synths, sullen vocals, and tumultuous shifts in direction – it creates a mood of exhilarating abandon. Download it here!

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26 AUGUST 2010
  • 11:03am Stream: Best Coast make Exclusive Mixtape for The Independent
    Best Coast

    Best CoastBethany Cosentino – the cat-lovin’ frontwoman of NME’s Best New Band of 2010, Best Coast – has put together an exclusive streaming mixtape of her favourite tracks for The Independent. Boasting 14 songs from the likes of Pavement, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Weezer, Beyonce and more, the mix also comes with a track-by-track breakdown of the song choices, courtesy of Cosentino herself. Listen to it now!

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12 JULY 2010
  • 9:00am MP3: The School – “Is He Really Coming Home?”
    The School

    Is The Ed Sullivan Show still taking bookings? If so, I reckon The School are a shoe-in. With their doo-wop harmonies and sugar-sweet arrangements, the eight-piece are pure American Graffiti – which is interesting, seeing as they’re from Wales. Just download this free mp3 of single, “Is He Really Coming Home?”, and be ready to bat your eyelashes.

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6 JULY 2010
  • 9:45am MP3: Best Coast – “Boyfriend”
    Best Coast

    Best Coast’s warm, fuzzy, surf-pop anthems are sweeter than sharing a fudge banana sundae and a Cherry Coke with your high-school flame. Just check out this free mp3 of album opener, “Boyfriend”. It’s all the best/worst parts of your teenage summers, woven together in two-and-a-half-minutes.

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27 JUNE 2010
  • 9:25am MP3: Beach Fossils – “Daydream”
    Beach Fossils

    Wavves might be the self-proclaimed “King Of The Beach”, but a challenger is never far behind. Dustin Payseur – frontman and songwriter for Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils – has everything it takes to be the world’s next sultan of surf-pop. Just check out this free mp3 of “Daydream”. The sparkling guitar line alone conjures up the smell of ocean salt, SBF15+, freshly cut grass and pollen.

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