13 OCTOBER 2011
6 OCTOBER 2011
3 AUGUST 2011
  • 3:32pm MP3: Ganglians – “Jungle”

    Ganglians’ folk-encrusted, surf-waxed brand of psychedelia is perfectly captured on “Jungle”. With an anachronistically intoxicating feeling of merriment, it’s the kinda tune to raise your jug of mead to.

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1 AUGUST 2011
29 JUNE 2011
  • 1:21pm MP3: Still Corners – “Cuckoo”
    Still Corners

    Sub Pop’s newest signees, London’s Still Corners, create an equal sense of sunbathed, psychedelic beauty and chilling, ethereal dread. “Cuckoo” eerily summons the ghost of that one perfect Summer.

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13 APRIL 2011
  • 2:21pm MP3: Belles Will Ring – “The River”
    Belles Will Ring

    Belles Will Ring’s “The River” weaves together folk, rock, psychedelic and experimental textures as though they were threads in a daisy chain. It’s the kinda euphoric jam you just wish you could roll up and smoke it.

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31 MARCH 2011
26 AUGUST 2010
17 AUGUST 2010
  • 2:02pm MP3: Black Mountain – “The Hair Song”
    Black Mountain

    Canadian psych-rock five-piece, Black Mountain, are the kinda band that make you wanna do something truly rock n’ roll – like take a bite out of a bat, or bang Pamela Anderson, or choke on your own vomit. Download this free mp3 of “The Hair Song” and watch the video for “Old Fangs”.

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12 AUGUST 2010