• 4:11pm MP3: No Age – “Glitter”
    No Age

    Part #3 of Sub Pop Week: We feature a free mp3 of No Age’s “Glitter”. Undoubtedly one of the rawest, messiest, most flawlessly imperfect songs of the year. Love, self-loathing, alienation – it’s all here.

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4 JUNE 2010
  • 11:30am MP3: Cola Wars – “Giving It Up”
    Cola Wars

    Ex-Bodyjar members Cam Baines and Shane Wakker are back together in an all-new band, Cola Wars. These guys are what pop-punk should sound like: catchy, melodic, with plenty of guitars. It’s dark too – that special sort of bleak you can sing/chant/kickflip along to. For a taste, download this free mp3 of their first single, “Giving It Up”.

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