20 DECEMBER 2013
10 JULY 2013
17 APRIL 2013
12 OCTOBER 2010
5 OCTOBER 2010
21 JULY 2010
  • 9:00am MP3: Matthew Dear – “I Can’t Feel”
    Matthew Dear

    Set in an imagined metropolis, Matthew Dear’s new album is a shadowy slice of dance-noir. The men are cynical, the femmes are fatale, and the whole experience comes wrapped in a web of electronic intrigue. Just check out this free mp3 of teaser track, “I Can’t Feel”. It’s music that takes you to dark, caustic, morally-ambiguous places.

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3 JUNE 2010
  • 10:32am MP3: Juan MacLean / James Holden – ‘DJ Kicks’ Exclusives
    Juan MacLean / James Holden

    DFA’s Juan MacLean and the UK’s James Holden both recorded exclusive tracks for their recent entries into !K7′s ‘DJ Kicks’ series. Juan released the all-new and exclusive track, “Feel So Good”. Holden included his first solo single in four years, “Triangle Folds”. You can download both for free!

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