25 OCTOBER 2010
  • 4:12pm MP3: Girls – “Heartbreaker”

    Heading to Australia in just over a month’s time, Girls present an all-new free track in the form of “Heartbreaker”. With its sweetheart lyrics, breezy spring melody and effortlessly elating harmonies, you’ll be crushing on these guys all over again!

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18 OCTOBER 2010
  • 12:39pm MP3: The Soft Pack – “Gagdad”
    The Soft Pack

    The Soft Pack will be backing up their Summer festival appearences with sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne, with supports including Bleeding Knees Club and Boomgates. To get you pumped, grab a free mp3 of The Soft Pack’s all-new track “Gagdad”.

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12 OCTOBER 2010
11 OCTOBER 2010
  • 2:27pm MP3: Urthboy – “Your Thing” + Help Make A Video

    Urthboy’s previously unreleased new mp3, “Your Thing”, is effortlessly groovy and features one of those hooks that just bounces around your brain like tiny particles of Flubber. If that wasn’t good enough, Urthboy’s asking for help making the video and will be touring throughout Sept/Oct!

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  • 4:56pm MP3: Delorean – “Real Love”

    Barcelona’s Delorean go with sunshine, like bikinis and jetskis and beach bullies. They just belong together. To celebrate them coming to Australia for Parklife, grab a free mp3 of their track “Real Love”. With it’s Ibiza beat, eurodance pianos and nostalgic vocal sample, it’s a thing of rare glistening beauty.

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  • 3:08pm MP3: Memory Tapes – “Green Knight [CREEP Remix]“
    Memory Tapes

    Memory Tapes will be in Australia next week for Parklife! To celebrate, download a free mp3 of the eerie, menacing, seven-minute remix of “Green Knight” by Brooklyn witch house duo, CREEP.

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  • 2:03pm Album News: Ice Cube to Release New LP ahead of Australian tour!

    Touring Australia this October, hip-hop legend Ice Cube will release his new album, ‘I Am The West’, this September 24th. Of the album, Cube says: “This shit is cocky, no apologies, West Coast gangsta sh*t. I can’t help it. That’s what I do”. Watch the video and check the tour dates!

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  • 11:10am MP3: Girls – “Life In San Francisco”

    If you’ve been living in a particularly unhip Amish community for the 12 months and somehow missed the Girls phenomenon, then here’s a quick recap. They’re two guys from San Francisco. They’re bestest buds. They write hazy, effortless, sunny slacker-pop. Also, they’re gonna be in Australia this December. To celebrate, download a free mp3 of “Life In San Francisco”!

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19 AUGUST 2010