12 AUGUST 2010
11 AUGUST 2010
  • 2:24pm Download: Midnight Juggernauts release Free iPhone App
    Midnight Juggernauts

    In some news that’s exciting enough to make Steve Jobs jump right out of his turtleneck, Melbourne’s indie-dance maestros, Midnight Juggernauts, have released an all-new free iPhone Application. Grab the app here!

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  • 1:43pm MP3: Darwin Deez – “Up In The Clouds [Shoes Remix]“
    Darwin Deez

    The all-singing, all-dancing, Darwin Deez will be in Australia for Parklife in just over a month, and it’s about time you all started getting ready. Grab this all-new free mp3 of Darwin Deez’s “Up In The Clouds” as remixed by French duo, The Shoes. With it’s bare, disco undercurrent, and euphoric refrain, you’re pretty much guaranteed to dance until your shoes catch fire.

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4 AUGUST 2010
  • 5:10pm Video: Darwin Deez, Lord of the Dance
    Darwin Deez

    Indie-pop dynamo, Darwin Deez, will be heading to Australia this Sept/Oct for Parklife, and – from the fan-shot videos being posted across the web – it looks like Darwin and his band seem to have adopted the practice of holding dance-offs, and performing choreographed routines during their sets.

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29 JULY 2010
  • 11:59am News: Basement Birds Debut at #12 ahead of National Tour.
    Basement Birds

    Power ensemble, Basement Birds, have enjoyed a hugely successful first week following the physical release of their self-titled debut album. After debuting at #12 on the National ARIA Physical & Digital combined charts, and #1 on the AIR 100% Indie Charts this week, the talented troupe are gearing up for a one-time-only National Tour, kicking off August 12th.

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20 JULY 2010
  • 9:00am MP3: Midlake – “Acts Of Man”

    To get you mellowed out for Midlake’s Splendour performance, grab this free download of “Acts Of Man”. Straying from the Americana and folk-rock which characterised their acclaimed debut, this track is far more traditional – “British” even. It’s dark, enchanting and steeped in mysticism.

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19 JULY 2010
  • 12:00pm Guest Blog: PVT introducing… Ghoul
    PVT / Ghoul

    Welcome to “Introducing…”: a brand new, regular segment, where established indie artists offer tips on their favourite up-and-coming bands. This week, PVT’s Laurence Pike guest-blogs about fellow Sydney’s own, Ghoul: “fiercely melodic, inventive and accessible, maintaining a focus worthy of repeated listening.”

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13 JULY 2010
  • 9:00am MP3: Miike Snow – “Silvia [Robotberget Remix]“
    Miike Snow

    There are plenty of ways you could celebrate Miike Snow’s forthcoming Australian tour. You might rent a jackalope costume. Or maybe even make an amatuer “booty-dance” video. As for us at Inertia, we’re doing what we do best, and celebrating by releasing an all-new deluxe edition of the group’s 2009 debut. For a taste, download this free mp3 of Miike Snow’s “Silvia [Robotberget Remix]“.

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11 JULY 2010
  • 9:00am Guest Blog: Darwin Deez introducing… Scary Mansion
    Darwin Deez / Scary Mansion

    Welcome to “Introducing…”: a brand new, regular segment, where established indie artists offer tips on their favourite up-and-coming bands. This week, Darwin Deez, guest-blogs about Brooklyn’s Scary Mansion: “a loud, hard rockin’ 3-piece fronted by the beautiful, pale-skinned, quasi-famous illustrator, Leah Hayes.”

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1 JULY 2010
  • 11:35am Tour News: The Sirens Of Venice Begin Tour this Weekend
    The Sirens Of Venice

    Led by husband and wife, Craig and Camilla Jackson, Melbourne’s The Sirens Of Venice will launch their self-titled debut album in Sydney and Melbourne this July. The Melbourne gig will go down this weekend, while their debut show in Sydney will happen later in the month. Check out the tour dates for your city!

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  • 11:00am Tour News: PVT Tour Support to include Seekae, Ghoul, & Comic Sans!

    PVT (formerly known as Pivot) will stage a national tour of Australia in August, to coincide with the release of their new album ‘Church With No Magic’, which will hit shelves 16 July. On top of this, they have announced the supporting acts for each city; reading like a who’s who of Australia’s up-and-coming indie and experimental acts!

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29 JUNE 2010